What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Work

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Why am I writing about mobile affiliate marketing? Because lots of people know how to make hay while the sun shines; how to make that sweet cash taking advantage of the right moment!
It’s not a surprise for anyone that the mobile market is growing faster than lightning. According to some forecasts, we’ll soon have more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide Just think about that number! Now think about the impact that fat number is gonna have in this cool business!
The crazy proliferation of mobile devices is definitely changing the marketing industry. The game is going from desktop to mobile, opening up a whole new reality and allowing the biggest brands to reach potential customers in any corner of the planet.
Affiliate marketers are usually people who know how to use a golden opportunity! That’s why I want you to check what mobile affiliate marketing is really all about. Let’s see how it works and how you can make humongous profit in this awesome industry!
Here’s a generic scheme of the mobile affiliate marketing ecosystem. Bear in mind that it isn’t exactly showcasing all the players involved in this game.
Nonetheless, since we’re only addressing the basics, you’ll surely have time to get to know the whole landscape.
These are websites, applications, social media, etc. Since the number of mobile users is growing, all the market players are adapting to a new reality.
I’m referring to user-friendly mobile interfaces, new functions and tools for comfortable navigation from any mobile device, constant updates and upgrades, push notifications about news and events. In short, everything that manages to keep users active on their smartphone or tablet.
Keeping the user focused and engaged is essential since it can help create a bigger share of high quality traffic and therefore more potential profit. Of course there’s always some part of the traffic that can be considered low-quality or even fraudulent.
That the clicks and visits are generated in big amounts but don’t bring any real leads or conversions.
These are product owners, application developers, etc. These entities are usually interested in one thing: promoting their mobile products. I’m referring to mobile content, applications, etc.
Some are interested in just getting mobile affiliate marketing leads which means their offers can work as tools? for collecting contact info of potential clients.
Others are interested in actual conversions such as subscriptions for ringtones, videos, or installs of the applications. In any case, all wanna get high-quality clients that are consistently able to pay for services.
This is a really important part that’s helping demand and supply meet each other in the best way possible in the realm of mobile affiliate marketing.
For example, Mobidea is accumulating a big database of offers in different categories. Aggregating thousands of offers in just one place is a huge help because it makes an affiliate’s life easier.
Moreover, it gives you lots of opportunities to monetize the same traffic but with different offers and a better performance. Of course, affiliate networks wanna involve more affiliates that’ll bring good quality traffic and create high-performing campaigns.
Nevertheless, any affiliate that’s interested, wants to learn, and is ready to play is welcome to sign up for Mobidea!
Feel like this can be your thing? Feel like you could explore mobile affiliate marketing?
Get searching for topic-related articles online, perform your own tests, check some online affiliate marketing communities, and learn how to convert potential profit in money stacks that pile so high you’ll never be able to understand the actual amount of cash you’ve got lying around!
1. Real affiliate life isn’t gonna be like what you’ve read in online studies
Studies found online are for educational purposes only and don’t really show the harsh reality of mobile affiliate marketing life.
Because, in real life, market conditions may no longer be similar to affiliate marketing assistant the ones that ultimately led to the specific case you’ve analyzed.
Trust me: this ecosystem is so dynamic and ever-changing you’ll lose track of what happened a month ago!
Always keep yourself updated and try to learn about mistakes others have made while not being afraid to make some of your own.
For you to be a bangin player, you can never forget to make sure you use trusted platforms! I’m alluding to platforms that have real traffic and good reviews. If you’re not careful about your choices, you can be either blacklisted or banned from?mobile affiliate marketing life.
Even though the quantity of mobile devices is growing, that doesn’t mean the traffic’s price will drop. If you plan to buy traffic from ad exchanges or ad systems, never forget that some regions (such as Europe) or operating systems (such as Android, iOS, etc.) usually cost more money and will yield a lower conversion rate than others.
Study these specific processes and aspects more thoroughly and you’ll know where to find that super gold mine!
You should always remember to match your availability (the time you spend totally dedicated to the campaign settings, analysis, and optimization) and style of work with the segments you’ve chosen.
Indeed, some of them can be more time-consuming and dynamic while others may require a few days of patient waiting to go by until you aggregate enough data.
In order to get optimal prices for mobile?traffic, try studying your competition and making your own bidding strategy. There are other affiliates that may want to profit from the same traffic source you’ve selected.
When you buy traffic in order to promote an offer, it’s all about the balance between your performance and the position you can afford.
Taking advantage of an affiliate system that has big partners and direct advertisers can help you save time and get better payouts in mobile affiliate marketing. This is due to the fact that they usually have special agreements and pricing.
Choose the offers you wanna promote wisely. Remember: in most cases, big payouts don’t really equal fat cheques so watch out for the glitter and gold and think before you make your winning move. Study all the details of each offer so as to better understand which actions users need to perform to trigger the wanted acquisition.
Analyze all the data you’re able to aggregate. This is a thorough process where you should use caution at all times. You’ve gotta pay attention to the smallest aspects and fine tune the most detailed parts of each segment to make sure you get that successful formula right!
These are the basics you need to know to start thinking about these new ideas.
I hope this article was able to help you understand how mobile affiliate marketing really works. In fact, you should have been able to grasp what are the needs of each market player and what you need to know in order to have a strategy that makes money pour like a waterfall!
We all know the competition is growing every day. The market is tough, ultra-competitive, and remarkably changeable.
Even so, if you get your strategy straight and learn as much as possible, you’ll surely be able to get that successful start and make those bangin piles of money.
This is a market that has a life of its own. Such as in every industry, there are negative aspects to be aware of but I guarantee that – using new tools and solutions from affiliate networks – you’ll always be ready to get the whole juice!
Mobile affiliate marketing has a great future! You need to be a part of it!


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